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Dubli US was incorporated in Delaware USA, in 2006, 3 months before they declared bankruptcy in
Norway!   DubLi moved its financial headquarters to Limassol, Cyprus (previously it was Germany).  
Dubli also launched in Australia in November 2009, to great fanfare.

Dubli Founder and CEO: Michael Hansen from Denmark

Dubli Merger

In August 2009, DubLi entered into a merger agreement with MediaNet Group, the company that
owns “BSP Rewards”, a shopping portal business. As a result, DubLi becomes a publicly traded
company, with 90% of the shares.

The company believes it is poised for massive growth in the future.   It may well be right.


DubLi offers buyers and sellers the opportunity to trade across language barriers and national
boundaries via their online shopping portals, including online auctions.  Auction formats include
"Unique Bid", "Xpress" and "ZerO".   A lot of excitement has been created due to the reverse auction
concept that is promoted heavily by reps.

The vision of the founder is for the reverse auction method to create loads of excitement (and
traffic).  Over time this traffic can then be directed towards a more conventional shopping portal.  
They see themselves as being viable competitors to online auction giant E Bay.

The reverse auction works on the basis that bidders pay 80 cents a bid.   A portion of this sum -  25
cents -   is then applied towards the price, to reduce it.  If enough people make enough bids, the
price of the product will drop significantly.

Much is made of the potential to buy a bargain, as more and more people pile into the auction,
paying their money, and thereby reducing the price.  In the past, some people have indeed bought
themselves bargains  - anything from cars, to watches to cameras.  In some instances, items have
been bought for 70 per cent off retail - and more.  But these examples, although highlighted by
promoters, are relatively rare.

The downside of the system is as follows:

1. If interest wanes there won't be enough bids to drive down the price to any significant degree.  
This could create a downward spiral effect, with the result being stalled auctions.

2. If interest intensifies the number of disgruntled people (that is, those who pay money to bid but
who do not win the bid) will magnify.

Not Really a Reverse Auction

Dubli claims their auction system is a reverse auction.  But that is false.  A true reverse auction
works on the basis that multiple sellers compete to sell their product, thereby driving down the
price.  On the other hand, the DubLi system works on the basis that bidders (or punters?) pay to
bid.  It can readily be seen that for each auction there can only be one person who will prevail, and
everyone else will, of course, miss out.

Some say that this is not an auction system, but a gambling system, with only one winner per
'game'.  I have no problem with this, but in the future regulators may.  Certainly if you visit some of
the anti scam sites that proliferate like a cancer on the net, Dubli is being portrayed as some sort of
evil empire.  Whilst I think these sites do more harm than good, it has to be said that some of the
points they make are worth considering.

Regulatory Challenges

To date, the company has not had major challenges from the government sector, but the company
may be subjected to scrutiny in the future by virtue of their increasing profile, and the controversial
nature of their product (reverse auctions).

Type of Pay Plan

Like a lot of MLM  companies, Dubli has a complicated pay plan.  Although the buy in of $3,195 is
heavily promoted, this program does not reward reps with big upfront payments.  

What is the Earning Potential with DubLi?

Through the grapevine I have heard that big money is being made.  In Australia, Dubli reps - the top
ones of course - are reporting significant 6 figure incomes in the pre-launch period.  This happened
in the US too. How can reps make big money in the pre-launch period?  Not many, but nothing
unusual with that.  One thing is certain - all of the top earners heavily market the top buy in package
at $3,195.

But long term viability must relate back to the viability of the 'product', namely the auction system.  
Based on results achieved in the US thus far, this is questionable.

DubLi's  Track Record

Apart from the fact that Michael Hansen bankrupted Dubli Mark 1 in 2006, the experience in Europe
suggests that DubLi has not done particularly well.  In the US a similar pattern is emerging.  For
instance, an article I wrote recently titled Is DubLi the Next Big Thing, I highlighted  the simple fact
that in October 2008 when the auction site finally opened in the US, they had 75,000 unique
visitors.  Yet by August 2009, the unique visitor count had dropped to 45,000.  Somethin's up.

If you look at Dubli's Express Auction site in the US, you can get an idea as to how many auctions
have been completed since inception.  By my count they have completed approximately 4,000
auctions (about 400 days).  You can also check the Unique Bid auctions and will see that about
1,000 auctions have been completed.  Now here is where it gets interesting.  According to the
company, one and a half million people (customers) have participated in the auctions.

Therefore in total there have been 5,000 auctions in 400 days, or 12.5 auctions per day.  Pretty
ordinary when you consider that there is only one product sold per auction.  In other words, the
company has been selling a dozen products per day.  Considering all of the hype and promise, this
is an abysmal sales volume.

Take it one step further and divide the number of consumers (1.5 m) by the number of auctions per
day (12.5) and you get .0000008 auctions per day  per customer.  It's a joke, and indicates that the
'product' lacks viability.  In reality the only reason why money has been made is as a result of
promoters selling the daylights out of the $3,195 buy in program.

Is DubLi a Scam?

No way, but I do have doubts as to their longevity and viability.  In my view the founder has not set
out to rip people off.  If DubLi fails it may not be because people got ripped off.  It may just be
because the concept is flawed.  That's all.

The Future for DubLi

This is a hard one.  On the one hand, rep numbers before the auction sites go live - in the pre-
launch phase - grow very quickly.  But for the concept to be viable 'auctions' need to work in the way
that was originally intended.  Based on results to date, this has not been happening.  (Please note
that recently representations have been made to me by Dubli reps who claim that Dubli has now
morphed into a more substantial business.  I am evaluating their information and if substantiated, will
include it on this page in the near future.)

Why I Did Not Join DubLi

I didn't join DubLI for a few reasons:

1. Concerns About Viability of the Business Model.  Not sure if the so called reverse auction
system is viable.

2. Concerns About Future Regulatory Scrutiny. If they don't get DubLi on their marketing
system ($3,195 buy in, selling what?  Auction credits?  Where's the beef?), maybe they'll get them
on illegal gambling.

The Wrap Up

DubLi is an experiment.  It may work eventually.   But like all experiments, the chance of failure is an
ever present reality.   Time will tell.

If you have your heart set on joining, give it 100 per cent for the next 90 days.
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